Terms of use for EdConnect Application

Personal information security policy

1. Purpose and scope of collection

A customer account is created on EdConnect App. After the first time logging in to the account, the customer is solely responsible for their ability to change personal information and use the EdConnect App. The main data collection on App EdConnect includes: email, phone, login name, login password, customer address. This is the information that EdConnect App needs customers to require when registering to use course services, and for EdConnect App to contact for confirmation when customers register to use services on the app in order to ensure benefits for customers.

During the process of using the service on the EdConnect Application, we store detailed information about purchase history on the EdConnect Application server.

Customers are responsible for promptly notifying App EdConnect about unauthorized use, abuse, security violations, retention of registration names and passwords by third parties to take appropriate measures. .

2. Scope of information use

The company uses information provided by customers to:

  • Provide course purchase services to customers.
  • Send advertising and promotional information if the customer accepts these terms during registration.
  • Send notifications about information exchange activities between customers and the EdConnect Application;
  • Prevent activities that destroy customer user accounts or activities that impersonate customers.
  • Contact and resolve with customers in special cases.
  • Do not use customer personal information other than for confirmation and contact related to delivery services on the App.

In case of legal requirements: The Company is responsible for cooperating in providing customer personal information upon request from judicial authorities including: Procuracy, court, police investigation agency. related to certain legal violations by customers. In addition, no one has the right to violate customers' personal information.

3. Information storage time

The customer's personal data will be stored until cancellation is requested. In all other cases, customer personal information will be kept confidential on the server located in Vietnam of the EdConnect Application.

4. Address of the unit that collects and manages personal information


Address: 108 Tran Dinh Xu street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Email: alex@powerdigital.sg

5. Means and tools for users to access and edit their personal data

Customers have the right to check, update, adjust or cancel their personal information by logging into their account and editing personal information or asking EdConnect Application staff to do this. .

Customers have the right to submit complaints about service quality and service delivery time to the EdConnect Application. When receiving this feedback, EdConnect Application will confirm the information. In case the customer's feedback is correct, depending on the level, EdConnect Application will take timely measures.

6. Committed to protecting customer personal information

Customers' personal information on the EdConnect Application is committed to absolute confidentiality according to the Application's personal information protection policy. The collection and use of each customer's information is only carried out with that customer's consent, unless otherwise prescribed by law.

Do not use, transfer, provide or disclose to any third party the customer's personal information without the customer's consent.

In case the information server is attacked by hackers leading to loss of personal customer data, EdConnect Application will be responsible for reporting the incident to the investigating authorities for timely handling and notification. let customers know.

The EdConnect application requires individuals, when using the app, to provide all relevant personal information such as: Full name, contact address, email, identity card number, phone, etc. , and is responsible for the legality of the above information. EdConnect application is not responsible nor will it resolve any complaints related to that customer's rights if it deems that all of that customer's personal information provided upon initial registration is inaccurate. .

7. Measures, Mechanisms and Processes for Resolving Disputes and Complaints

Customer agrees and complies that, when Customer is provided with an account by EdConnect App to use EdConnect App, any dispute arising during Customer's use will be resolved in accordance with the provisions of this Law. Current laws of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.

Any complaints arising while using the EdConnect App must be sent to the EdConnect App or its member units immediately after the event giving rise to the complaint occurs. The EdConnect application will resolve Customer disputes. EdConnect application will base on each specific case to have an appropriate solution. When exercising the right to complain, the complainant is obliged to provide documents, evidence, and grounds related to the complaint and must be responsible for the content of the complaint, documents, evidence, and grounds. provided by me in accordance with the Law.

The complaint resolution process is posted on the website: https://edconnect.vn

The EdConnect application only supports and resolves your complaints and denunciations if you provide complete, honest and accurate information.

Customer agrees to defend, indemnify and release EdConnect Application from legal obligations, proceedings, losses, and expenses including but not limited to court fees, attorneys' fees, and consultants' costs. related to resolving or arising from Customer's violation during the use of EdConnect App.

Address to receive support:


Address: 108 Tran Dinh Xu street, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Email: alex@powerdigital.sg

8. Dispute and complaint resolution process

Step 1: Receiving: Receive the request to resolve the customer's complaint (called the "complainant"), check the complaint information to accept or refuse.

Step 2: Handle complaints: Collect relevant information, images, and evidence.

Step 3: Complete the complaint: Confirm the results, provide handling measures for each violation and proceed to close the complaint.

9. Payment method

Members can choose one of the following flexible payment methods:

Cash on delivery (COD):

The customer will pay for the order (In case the customer requests in cash to the delivery staff after fully checking and receiving the goods.

Bank transfer:

After placing an order, customers pay for the order by transferring money to EdConnect Application's account, at the banking systems where EdConnect Application opens accounts.

Payment by ATM card/Credit card:

Customers can pay directly for the order through the VNPay payment gateway linked to the EdConnect Application with a domestic ATM card or credit card Visa, MasterCard, Debit, JCB... Customers enter the relevant information: Cardholder name, card number, expiration date into the bank card payment system located in the application.